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We offer a comfortable Ito Fishing Trips for you with a driftboat in Hokkaido, Japan.

Ito (Japanese Huchen): This isolated wildness and river swamp in Eastern Hokkaido. The biggest size of freshwater fish live in this area. It’s “illusory fish”, ITO, Japanese huchen, so called “hard-to-find fish” For ITO fishing. Our guided fishing for ITO starts every October to December as expeditons.


Fishing Policy: ITO is on a red list of endangered species by Ministry of Environment because their habitat range has been narrower due to river improvement work and project of making swamp grass field. We kindly ask your cooperation to maintain healthy fishing environment for the future as following. 1) Catch-and-Release Fishing (No-Kill-Fishing)

2) Using a net on fish landing.

3) NO lift up fish in the air

4) NO photo shooting over one minute.

5) NO use of fish grip For photo shooting, please make fish body under the water as much as possible.

*For customers who want to hold up ITO itself, we understand what you feel. So in that case, we ask them to get them in the water until their lower back and take pictures very quickly.


Good season is October to December. We do not go ITO fishing during in the spring due to spawning time. Their energy is getting back early summer (about June), but they are most powerful in fall to winter. You enjoy ITO fishing in early summer and the colder season.


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