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■About the salmon fishing in Hokkaido, Japan


Hokkaido is a sanctuary for salmon, and there are many kinds of salmon in habitat. Salmon fishing in Japan, which is a supreme way to spend your holiday. However, it is probably difficult to ensure a safe and successful fishing trip unless you know our regulations and guidelines for salmon fishing. Here is very important information for you.


1. Basically, in Japan it is prohibited to fish salmon in any river, except for certain, designated rivers.


2. It is only possible to fish salmon in the sea beyond designated distances from river estuaries. 


3. It is permitted to capture salmon on a designated Licensed boat.


4. The areas stated in 2 and 3. are allowed for anyone at anytime.



About 1, although river is the best spot for salmon flyfishing, it is banned in most rivers in Japan. But in Hokkaido you are lucky! You can go salmon fishing in Hokkaido. With a license there are two rivers where fishing is permitted. You have to apply for that in advance. Those rivers are Hamamasu river near Sapporo and Chu-rui river in Eastern Hokkaido.Chu-rui river, which is rich in nature, is recommended by us. When you go to those places, you must pay the fee before fishing. Then you are ready to fish. For going through those procedure, there are no English documents available in Japan. So we provide you with this service to make your holiday worry-free. All you need to do is to prepare for fishing in the Churui river.




About 2, If only a few salmon come back to Churui river, or you want to cook and eat your fish catch as local people, we recommend above 2 and 3. What you do is casting from the surf in the same way as local anglers do. If your schedule meets our recommended period and is blessed with good timing, you’ll expect a good catch. In fact, it is culturally practiced for local anglers to go seashore salmon fishing.




About 3, Three kinds of Boat salmon fishing ways.


End of July to August: Boat takes you to an island for salmon fishing in Shiretoko. In 20 mins, you will arrived at the fishing area for pink salmon, which gives you amazing experience, lots of salmon and running into brown bears (luckily?). For this fishing, you land the area, and please go find the salmon, and cast. Being on a boat is just short time, so do not worry about boat sickness.


September: Boat fishing trip for chum salmon has broad areas from Abashiri to Shiretoko with the style of deep/bottom fishing. Chum salmon in deep sea are unique in beautiful silver. 


End of October and November: Spin fishing on a boat for Chum salmon in Southern Hokkaido. This offshore fishing is to cast a school of salmon in chasing “jumping salmon”





Japan imposes penalties on those who violate the regulations for salmon fishing.

As mentioned above, we will take care of all procedures required for salmon fishing on behalf of you, and provide related information to prevent you from breaking the Japanese law by mistake. We are happy to help you for safe salmon fishing in Japan. Please do not hesitate to contact us.







Riverrun Salmon Fishing at Churui River, Shiretoko.


Chum, Pink, and Masu Salmon inhabited in the Chu-Rui River so You may be able to see three kinds of salmon at once  if you visit the Chu-Rui River in September.


Pink salmon fishing in Shiretoko

with Island transfer.

Pink salmon that comes before Chum is the best season in August. If you want to understand the good fishing period, Pink will be from late July to September. Cham is from September to October.
By pink fishing in August we will head to the coast of the peninsula a bit away from the our lodge. There is a very pretty bay, that has so many pink salmon and brown bear. You will get too much impression and pink salmon there. Fly fish is suitable for this fishing so if you hope to fish salmon with fly fish this trip is the best opportunity for you.


Chum salmon fishing at Okhotsk surf with local spin fishing style.


Next period of pink salmon, chum salmon comes up, which is the biggest size of salmon in Japan.  You have some ways to catch chums and areas are not so difficult to find in Hokkaido, but we recommend surf fishing in Okhotsk sea.  It is because those of Okhotsk are bigger than those in other oceans, and Okhotsk sea has by far number of them.  We leave our lodge for fishing before the dawn and have some coffee at a convenience store.  And when we arrive at the surf, you can see that some local anglers have already finished their preparation for fishing.   You are also ready to cast targeting a school of fish, and can feel how heavy chum is in the dim morning. 

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