I was used to go fishing on my own or with angler friends which is very different than guiding guests. Everything has to be taught through and plan A, B and C have to be ready to set in action. Every night before a trip we would call the guests to confirm reservation and discuss the weather conditions. Sometimes we would go a day prior to the trip, to our ‘’Strong side’’ to make sure they were accessible and safe. In the early morning, we would set up the rods, prepare the gear and extra gear for weather change and hit the road to meet our guests. We focus on everything that is necessary and kept it simple as it is the best way to enjoy a relaxing time on the water. Efficient thinking and packing minimizes the risks of accident and breaking material.


Then as the trip goes along, a lot of improvisation has to be done throughout the changing conditions and environment. The encounter of the bear in Shiretoko is a good example. To come across a bear made the guide take a decision which was to leave the river. Kamuy’s guide knows that the bear would probably come back on the same track eventually and it wasn’t safe to stay. This decision was made by the guide as he is an experienced and skillful person who wants to ensure safety to his guests. This decision didn’t make the guests happy at that moment. Our guests had seen bears before and wanted to stay at the location because the fishing was good.  We could all feel a discomfort and it was only the beginning of the trip, but Kamuy’s guide made safety of his guests the priority and we changed river. It is not easy to take a decision like this and to challenge guests. In the late afternoon, we went back to that river when we knew it was a better timing. Kamuy’s guide knowledge made him handle the situation in an efficient manner.

Kamuy's Guide "Kensuke"

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